Family Fun in Las Vegas - Two Unique Tours

Las Vegas is not known as a family friendly environment. But there are so many fun things to do around Vegas. A Las Vegas tour with the family can be some of the best quality family time you can find.Here are two unique things to do in Las Vegas that can really bring the family together.

Grand Canyon Tour 4 in 1 Helicopter & Ground Ranch Adventure  Grand Canyon Tour 4 in 1 Helicopter & Ground Ranch Adventure
This amazing Grand Canyon 4 in 1 tour starts out at one of the modern engineering wonders of the world, Hoover Dam. Explore the Hoover Dam and its panoramic views of Lake Mead, Black Mountain and the Colorado River. Next, your journey will take you for a drive through the Joshua Tree National Park. See trees that have been dated to 900 years old in the beautiful Mojave Desert. Then enjoy launch at the historically famous Grand Canyon West Ranch where the outlaws of the Old West once hid from the law. The Grand Canyon tour concludes with a return helicopter ride over the dramatically rugged West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

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Anasazi Ruins - Lost City Museum & Valley of Fire Ground Tour
The Valley of Fire is named after the brilliant red sandstone formations which often appear to be on fire when reflecting the sun’s rays. For nearly 3,000 years, the Valley of Fire Lost City was not only home to the Native Americans, it was also the spiritual center for the Anasazi. The Navajo called them “Anasazi,” which means “ancient ones” or “ancient enemy,” because these pueblo people were just as mysterious as several of the area’s sites that include Atlati Rock, Beehives, and Rainbow Vista.

Anasazi Ruins - Lost City Museum & Valley of Fire Ground TourIn addition to seeing a remarkable 3,000-year-old Indian petroglyph, the Valley of Fire tour includes visit to see Anasazi artifacts at the Lost City Museum. This is a scenic tour of spectacular landscape formations rich in color with constant reminders of a lost civilization.

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Hands down, any or both of these adventures are guaranteed to take you off the beaten path in Las Vegas. They provide quality family time exploring Las Vegas. Find these and other Las Vegas tours here at