Horseback Riding in Las Vegas Provides a Memorable Experience

Horseback Riding in Las VegasIf you have ever been intrigued by the old west and love horseback riding, or want to try it out, you are going to love horseback riding in Las Vegas. There are many different Las Vegas horseback tours to choose from and you will find the kind of tour you need if you just know what is available. The areas of Red Rock Canyon and Sandy Valley are full of interesting expeditions to cure your most ambitious adventure spirits.

One of the first options you should consider when booking a Las Vegas horseback tour is the Sunset BBQ Dinner Ride. With this type of ride, you get to go out and see the beautiful and scenic desert silhouettes. You will learn about herding and penning cattle on the ranch, which is followed by the ranch-style bbq dinner. You get a real true idea of Nevada minus the glitz of the big city. Another great choice amongst Las Vegas horseback tours is the Ol Spanish trail lunch ride, during which you'll ride along trails experienced by the old American West's best outlaws. At the end, you will experience the genuine cowboy lunch!

The next awesome choice for Las Vegas horseback tour is the Maverick breakfast ride. Doing a breakfast ride is great because you get to skip the Nevada heat and experience a lovely Nevada sunrise. Your breakfast on this tour is also cowboy style!Horseback riding in Las Vegas is truly unique first thing in the morning. All of these various Las Vegas horseback rides are sure to add some Wild West flair to your vacation or event. Trips to both Sandy Valley and Red Rock Canyon feature beautiful scenery, cowboy experiences, and authentic cowboy food.

Las Vegas Horseback Tours When you are on a Las Vegas horseback ride at Red Rock Canyon, you will see amazing white and red peaks made of sandstone along with the walls that make up the Keystone Thrust, where over a million visitors come to see each and every year. Red Rock has a lot of trails that are not open to the public, so you'll get a unique experience as well. You don't want to miss out on all the exciting adventures that Las Vegas horseback tours has to offer, so book your trip to Las Vegas and come see what the Nevada experience is all about. As you can see, offers many unique, cowboy-experience Las Vegas Horseback tours that will give you memories to last a lifetime.Find these and other Las Vegas tours here at